'Secret Double Life' Clifton Dad Calls Boozy NYC Sex-Party Story Smear Campaign

It seems more than coincidence to Avraham Adler of Clifton that in the week between the Jewish new year and Day of Atonement, a news report was published claiming he led a secret double life.

Avraham Adler of Clifton: "I like to think I'm a good guy."
Avraham Adler of Clifton: "I like to think I'm a good guy." Photo Credit: Google Maps/Avraham Adler

The New York Post story describes noisy, booze-filled orgies at a townhouse that Adler owns in the East Village.

It also paints two entirely different pictures of Adler: One is as a devout Jewish father of three -- with a fourth on the way -- and the other a sex-crazed bachelor.

Adler says the story is "just a shmear[sic] campaign [by the New York Post] to gain attention" and "gossip to draw attention to get sales."

Daily Voice emailed the New York Post reporter who wrote the story and was still awaiting a response on Wednesday.

In an interview with Daily Voice, Adler said he was homeless for four years, beginning when he was 21, sleeping in synagogue basements and cars, until he got into commercial real estate.

He began investing and brought in more than $1 million in his first few years, he said -- enough to raise a family by the time he and Shana Berman were married in 2011.

Last April, Adler signed a lease for the four-story townhouse on East 7th Street, up the block from Tompkins Square Park and around the corner from the legendary Pyramid Club.

Within a month, weekly "lewd, loud" shindigs were being thrown at the townhouse, his landlord, Wonwoo "John" Chang, alleges in a civil suit filed in Manhattan.

Chang, who didn't return text messages or a phone call from Daily Voice, claims in the suit that Adler charged guests $60 for access to group foreplay, a sex-swing, spankings and more, according to The Post story.

"Sex is secondary, merely the cherry atop the cake of fetish play for us and many,” read an EventBrite listing for a party in the past few weeks.

"Enter a place without conformity to the mainstream."

The listing has since been removed.

Adler told Daily Voice that he'd hired a property manager to look after the townhouse and was unaware that parties booked in the space were for sex.

"I didn't know about the parties, let alone participate," Adler said. "I didn’t think people would be using it for things like this.

"When I found out about them, I stopped them completely."

His relationship with his wife had been tumultuous even before the lawsuit and subsequent news reports, he aid.

For the first time since they were married, Adler said, he spent Yom Kippur alone. 

Although he admits he's not as religious as he once was, Adler repented on the solemn holiday -- but not for staging sex parties and a leading a "double life," he said, insisting that neither one is true.

"The whole thing is of a personal nature and involves other people's relationship[s]" Adler said.

"I like to think I'm a good guy."

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