Prep Your Body Like A Pro As MLB Teams Make Postseason Push

PARAMUS, N.J. -- With MLB postseason play underway, it’s important for players to be prepared and ready for the physical demands of the final stretch. According to Dr. Anil Ranawat, Orthopedic Surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery and Assistant Team Physician for the New York Mets, after the long grueling season, the most important aspect of the postseason is staying physically and mentally prepared. 

Dr. Anil Ranawat of Hospital for Special Surgery.
Dr. Anil Ranawat of Hospital for Special Surgery. Photo Credit: Hospital for Special Surgery

Below Ranawat offers tips on how to stay in peak physical condition for the playoffs. 

Stretch -- After going through the regular season, it is very easy to become more relaxed and start taking it easy on pre-game exercises. To avoid hamstring pulls or muscle tears, especially as the colder weather approaches, you need to continue to stretch before the game so that in the 11th inning, you can still beat out a ground ball that could help decide the game.

Dress properly -- As summer ends and fall begins, it is important to start unpacking your cool weather clothes. As the seasons turn, it’s important to wear the proper gear to prevent catching a cold. It’s the postseason and your team can’t afford to lose you to the DL.

Stay hydrated -- After the regular season grind, it is crucial to continue to stay hydrated. Dehydration can result in dizziness and feeling sleepy, not the right mindset for key moments in the 9th inning.

Stay ready during the game -- Since there is little down time during the game, it’s important to stay warm and prepared at all times. Continually use the stationary bike and do light cardio to prevent any injury, since you never know who will be called on to play hero in October.