Pay These NJ Teens To Hold Your Spot On Line At The MVC

When Bryanna Patterson was waiting on line at the MVC to register her car last week, she heard a man behind her in line say he'd pay someone $100 to wait for him.

Alina Krupinski, left, and Bryanna Patterson in line Thursday morning at the Eatontown DMV.

Alina Krupinski, left, and Bryanna Patterson in line Thursday morning at the Eatontown DMV.

Photo Credit: Bryanna Patterson

And so, that's exactly what 17-year-old Patterson started doing. 

"I put a post in 'Howell Happenings' on Facebook asking people if they needed someone to hold their spot in the lines at the MVC," Patterson told Daily Voice Thursday morning from the Eatontown center.

"People reached out -- and it just kept growing."

Patterson, a rising senior Freehold Township High School, recruited her cousin Alina Krupinski, 17, and quickly became booked through the end of August.

The teens have been to centers in Hazlet, Lakewood, Freehold and Eatontown, and would consider others around the state -- for a few extra bucks for gas, Patterson said.

The teens average two customers a day. 

Most of Patterson and Krupinski's customers are elderly or have some type of disability that prevents them from leaving the house. Many are working folk who can't afford to leave their jobs, and others are parents, who can't stand in line with their kids.

Patterson and Krupinski arrive between 3 and 4 a.m. and usually get one of the top 75 spots in line. They get the paperwork and put down the customer's number for text updates.

Then, they wait.

The average time in spent in line is 6.5 hours, the cousins said. The time goes by quickly, as Patterson and Krupinski color, play cards, read and watch Netflix.

"We've had no problems so far," said Patterson, who is putting the money earned toward car insurance and books for college. 

"The workers really enjoy us because everyone else just puts in their headphones and keep to themselves. We talk to them and make them laugh."

The girls are working on steps to expand their business past the DMV.

"We have some ideas for people who can't leave the house," Patterson said. "We'll go shopping for people, go walk their dogs while they're at work. 

"Whatever they need, we'll provide."

Click here to email Patterson and Krupinski and book your spot.

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