Maywood Model To Bullying Victims: 'I Promise, You Will Make It'

MAYWOOD, N.J. — Rebecca Ruber of Maywood doesn’t do it for the fame or the fortune.

Rebecca Ruber of Maywood is on a mission to stop bullying.

Rebecca Ruber of Maywood is on a mission to stop bullying.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Ruber

Ruber participated in a Mother's Day special in Elite Daily.

Photo Credit: Elite Daily
Ruber in a Joyce Leslie ad.

Ruber in a Joyce Leslie ad.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Ruber

Rebecca Ruber was featured in The Weeknd's music video for "In The Night."

Photo Credit: TheWeekndVEVO

She doesn’t seek attention and she’s not after the praise.

All Ruber wants is a platform to put bullying to bed — once and for all.

“In middle school I was bullied for my looks,” said the 20-year-old actress, model and vocalist.

“I had glasses, braces and greasy bangs. I didn’t have the best fashion sense and my parents couldn’t afford the Juicy Couture track suits or expensive clothing.

“But I was confident in who I was.”

Her passion for acting was a large part of that. She started in middle school on YouTube, each video racking upwards of 10,000 views. The bullying persisted and eventually, Ruber stopped believing in herself.

“I lost myself trying to fit in.”

“I thought life was about being cookie-cutter and blending in.”

Joining the Hackensack High School drama club is what Ruber said turned things around.

“That brought me back to my roots of loving myself,” said Ruber, a volunteer at the Bergen County Animal Shelter.

“If I love myself and I’m happy, that’s what matters.”

With her new mindset came a whole new realm of success for Ruber, who went on to star in a music video for The Weekend, the season finale of CBS' “Limitless,” and opened for New York City fashion week.

She's been featured in Joyce Leslie ads, and has a film coming out next year called "Abnormal Attraction," produced by Fuzz. She also landed a leading role in a new television pilot based in Las Vegas.

Still, Ruber never lost site of her goal: helping victims of bullying.

The actress wrote a blog post a few months before her 20th birthday titled “A Piece of Advice to all the ‘Popular’ and ‘Unpopular’ Kids.”

"The point of this article is to show young girls and guys that anything is possible if you put your mind to it,” the post says.

"Don’t worry about what other people think about you, continue to pursue your dreams and no matter how big or small they are, I promise you, you will make it.”

Ruber says her Instagram account is her best marketing tool, and her 31,900 followers have showed nothing but support.

“I’m lucky that no one has put me down on social media that I know of,” she said. “And if they do, it isn’t affecting my career.”

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