Deadly Shooting Rattles NJ Community After Schoolchildren Find Bleeding Victim

Children walking home from school in one Essex County community found a shooting victim bleeding on the sidewalk Monday afternoon -- leaving parents angered, saddened and desperate to slow local crime.

At the scene

At the scene

Photo Credit: Quantavia Hilbert via Orange Real Talk Facebook

The 20-year-old man was shot in the head outside of the Central Avenue fire station around 3 p.m. in Orange, witnesses said. 

The victim was identified as Siam Neblett, according to RLS Media. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Orange Schools Superintendent Gerald Fitzhugh, several school principals and police rushed to the scene.

Resident and business owner Quantavia Hilbert took to Facebook to thank officials for their swift response. Others urged local officials to take a more proactive approach to crime.

"The sad thing is I was just talking about the need for police presence at this particular corner and a few others," one Facebook user wrote. 

"I also addressed the timing of dismissals for these kids and it’s like it all falls on deaf ears until something tragic happens. 

"Our children shouldn’t have to be subjected to such traumas like this and tomorrow we’re all expected to go back into the class like nothing ever happened. That was someone’s child, father, friend, grandson, etc. his life was worth more than that."

"...what is your solution to resolve this matter this has happened not only in Orange," another added. 

" what is the security plan after school hours so we have three public schools in this area and local buissiness in Orange we have people hanging out drinking liquor right outside across from the school every day what are the business people are saying they close a blind eye not report and thing again what is your plan of action."

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