Man With History Of Assaulting Police Arrested On 16 Charges - Including A&B On An Officer

A 34-year-old man with a history of fighting police officers was recently arrested on 16 charges after allegedly stealing a snowblower, ramming a van into a snowbank, hiding from the police, and attempting to steal a cop’s weapon.

Police sirens
Police sirens Photo Credit: Pixabay

The scuffle between officer and suspect took place on Saturday, March 6, as police attempted to break up an alleged burglary.

On Saturday around 6:15 p.m. police officers were dispatched to the Goldthwaite Road area in Worcester for a report of two men attempting to steal a snowblower from an apartment building’s shed, police said.

When they arrived on the scene, police observed a white van, that had previously been reported stolen, parked in front of an apartment complex.

They also allegedly saw one man walking from the shed into the van while carrying a metal item that looked like a car jack, police said. This man was later identified as Wilfredo Crespo-Morales, 34, of Webster.

Police suspect Crespo-Morales and an accomplice had connected a chain from the van to the shed and used the vehicle’s power to rip off the locked door.

Another man was already in the van when the police arrived. When he noticed police officers, the man allegedly started walking at a “fast pace” toward nearby woods. An office caught up with the man, who was later identified as Pedro Rigney, 47, of Worcester, and detained him, police said.

Meanwhile, Crespo-Morales allegedly hopped in the van, threw it in reverse, and hit the gas. He plowed right into a snowbank and got stuck, police said.

Crespo-Morales then allegedly got out of the van and ran toward Corning Avenue with an officer in pursuit, police said. Crespo-Morales was able to lose the officer for a moment but was later discovered hiding under the deck of a Beverly Road residence, police said.

When spotted Crespo-Morales allegedly charged the officer and began punching him, police said. The officer was able to tackle Crespo-Morales to the ground. At this point Crespo-Morales allegedly grabbed the officer’s nightstick from his utility belt and tried to draw it, police said.

More officers arrived on the scene and Crespo-Morales allegedly continued punching and kicking officers until he was placed in handcuffs, police said.

Crespo-Morales has been charged with:

  • Breaking and entering into a building in the nighttime for a felony,
  • Larceny from a building,
  • Larceny over $1,200,
  • Vandalism,
  • Possession of a burglarious instrument,
  • Receiving stolen property,
  • Trespass,
  • Disorderly conduct,
  • Disturbing the peace,
  • Resisting arrest,
  • Assault and battery on a police officer (two counts),
  • Attempting to disarm a police officer,
  • Reckless operation of a motor vehicle,
  • Use of a motor vehicle without authority,
  • And unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, police said.

This is not the first time Crespo-Morales has been accused of fighting the police. In 2017, after being confronted on allegations that he was shoplifting at Walmart, Crespo-Morales allegedly took an officer's pepper spray and tried to spray the man with it, according to an archived Worcester Telegram & Gazette article.

Rigney was charged with:

  • Breaking and entering into a building in the nighttime for a felony
  • Larceny from a building,
  • Larceny over $1,200,
  • Vandalism,
  • Possession of a burglarious instrument,
  • Larceny of a motor vehicle,
  • Trespass,
  • And the use of a motor vehicle without authority, police said. 

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