Norwalk Filmmaker Wins 'Best Short Film' At Brooklyn Film Festival

NORWALK, Conn. --  "Hi-Glow Retro," a 14-minute comedy shot mostly in Norwalk and Greenwich, won "Best Short Film" and "Best Actor in a Comedy"  at the "Sweet Youth" program at the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival Saturday, Nov. 19.

Bryan Burton, left, the lead actor in Hi-Glo Retro with Writer/Director/Producer Alex Morsanutto.

Bryan Burton, left, the lead actor in Hi-Glo Retro with Writer/Director/Producer Alex Morsanutto.

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The film, written, produced and directed by 25-year-old Norwalk resident Alex Morsanutto, centers on the story of Tommy Ashby, a high school senior with severe social anxiety who decides to step out of his comfort zone to learn disco dancing. Ashby is played by Actor Bryan Burton. (Click HERE for previous Daily Voice story.)

'We screened our short film along with 50 other films in the program so to win 'Best Short Film' serves as real validation that this film is special," said Morsanutto.

"This award is to the hardworking cast and crew that put in 14- plus hour days in the middle of the summer to make this film happen. I'm more than thrilled for Bryan Burton who won 'Best Actor in a Comedy' along with Jane Lynch (Glee). 

"Bryan is one of the most devoted actors I know and the passion he brings to his craft comes across on-screen," he said. "I'm hoping Bryan acts in all of my films, something similar to how Wes Anderson works with Owen Wilson and Bill Murray."

So what's next for "Hi-Glow Retro?"

"Our goal is to get into more festivals to keep the momentum rolling," said Morsanutto. "I'm looking forward to our Connecticut premiere which I'm hoping will be either at Greenwich International Film Festival or Ridgefield Independent Film Festival in 2017. 

"At this stage in the game we're refining the feature-length script and preparing a pitch package to show investors so when that person comes along that believes in our vision and the project then we'll be ready for take off."

Morsanutto is also hard at work on his next project, a short documentary about a Norwalk resident and free agent in the NFL.

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