Norwalk’s Ghost Storm Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts

It all started at the abandoned and purportedly haunted village in Litchfield County, Dudleytown. Go ahead and google it. Founded in the 1740s and abandoned in the 1800s, ghost activity is rumored there. But don’t expect to experience it for yourself as Dudleytown lies on private land closed to the public and trespassers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Luckily for Nick Grossman (aka Nick Storm) and Peter Cerow, they knew one of the property owners.

Created with Wondershare Filmora, Ghost Storm investigated Booth Park in Straford this past Sept.

Photo Credit: Ghost Storm

“We’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal,” said Nick Storm. “We’re both spirit-intuitive and our trip to Dudleytown was our first gig.”

That was approximately 15 years ago, when Ghost Storm first formed to investigate the haunted, possessed, and bizarre. These days, the group is essentially a full-time paranormal business: investigating, leading excursions to haunted locales, holding speaking events on the supernatural and more.

The end of October, as you might expect, is a busy time for Storm, a clairvoyant, and Cerow, an empath.

Demons, according to Storm, are far more rare than popular media would have you believe.

“It gets much busier this time of year, not only because of Halloween,” said Storm, “but because everyone is in the mood for the supernatural. Everyone is so intuitively focused on it that it makes spirits stronger.”

The duo headlined a talk and brought their possessed dolls at Café Madrid in Norwalk on Nov 1. Fitting for All Saint’s Day, also known as the Day of the Dead in some parts of the world.

If you missed the show, you should still be able to see Rusty and the other dolls since Storm and Cerow are looking to open a supernatural museum in warehouse space in Bridgeport within the next six months to house these former toys and other supernatural objects in their possession.

The possessed dolls, by the way, are not inhabited by demons.

“It’s not a pleasant feeling when you’re clairvoyant and you feel a demon.” 

Demons, according to Storm, who calls himself a Christian mystic, are far more rare than popular media would have you believe—although he says they’re just as frightening and ugly.

“A lot of times,” he explained, “haunted locations get so popular that people into the occult, into the really dark arts, go there to raise spirits in rites and gain supernatural energy. They end up opening doors, and demons come out of those doors.

“It’s not a pleasant feeling when you’re clairvoyant and you feel a demon,” Storm continued. “I did one exorcism on a house a couple of years ago and it was tough.”

His girlfriend at the time who accompanied him to the home came down with a mysterious illness that faded within a few days, almost as suddenly as it started. And Storm found himself emotionally battered.

“The demon brings up stuff from your past that you don’t want to remember and makes it reoccur in your mind so that you’re left beating up on yourself emotionally.”

The scariest experience Storm had involved a demonic presence.

“About two years ago, Peter and I were in this abandoned insane asylum in Westchester,” recalled Storm. “It was daytime and we found a room with a huge upside down pentacle on the floor and ancient satanic symbols written about—a satanic cult had taken over that room. There was such a demonic presence there and I was so emotional walking there.

“A week later I wanted to go back at night to see if anything supernatural would happen. So Peter and I went back at nighttime and all doors were slamming by themselves, back and forth—I’ve got footage. That was a pretty scary moment. But we stayed and filmed. We did not run.”

As long as people remain curious about the supernatural, Ghost Storm will have a job to do.

“This is every day life for us,” said Storm. 

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