Residents Beware: Uptick In Bobcat Sightings In New Canaan

Police in a Fairfield County town are warning residents of an uptick in the number of bobcat sightings at parks and in yards.

<p>A bobcat that was spotted in New Canaan&nbsp;</p>

A bobcat that was spotted in New Canaan 

Photo Credit: Daily Voice

New Canaan Police Lt. Marc DeFelice said the recent spike is causing concern and even though they usually shy away from humans, wants to remind residents not to approach the cats and to report any sightings to the New Canaan Animal Control.

The following precautions can help people and wildlife such as bobcats to co-exist safely:

  • Never intentionally feed wildlife.
  • Don’t feed wildlife accidentally. Keep pet food and water inside. Keep garbage securely stored, especially if put on the curb for collection.
  • Keep an eye on your pets. Walk pets on a leash and accompany them outside, especially at night and early morning.
  • Use deterrents like noisemakers (bells on your dog’s harness or on your wrist/ belt), clapping and waving your arms, and shouting. If those don’t work, throw a small object like a tennis ball or water near the animal to startle it.
  • When hiking or walking on trails early in the morning be aware of your surroundings and keep your headphone sound to a minimum or off.

Bobcats are by nature wary of people and pose little threat to public safety or human health," DeFelice said.

However, unprotected pets and livestock may be at risk. 

"Help us keep wildlife wild," he added.

State officials also want to know if a bobcat is seen so they can keep track of their movements. To report a sighting to the state, click here. 

To contact New Canaan Police Animal Control call 203-594-3510.

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