COVID-19: Lamont Gets High Marks For Handling Of Crisis, New Poll Reveals

The majority of Connecticut residents believe that Gov. Ned Lamont has been doing a good job in reacting to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, according to a new Sacred Heart poll.

Gubernatorial contender Ned Lamont
Gubernatorial contender Ned Lamont

A new poll surveyed 1,000 Connecticut residents between Tuesday, March 24 and Friday, April 3 with questions on how Lamont and other state officials have handled the pandemic in Connecticut.

According to the poll, 67.2 percent approve the way Lamont is handling “communication to the public,” while 65 percent were confident in his “overall response and handling of the COVID-19 crisis.”

Additionally, 53.5 percent reported they approve of the way Lamont is “instilling confidence in state leadership.” 

When asked about planning, 51.6 percent reported they approve of the way Lamont is “addressing a plan for Connecticut residents and families,” though, only 45 percent responded that they approve of the way he is “addressing a plan for businesses in the state.”

The poll found that 82.7 percent of respondents agreed with Lamont’s decision to close nonessential businesses, 67.4 percent of whom believe the state handled the closing of schools was managed “about right,” and approximately 29 percent believe that businesses were closed too late.

“While everyone is very concerned about the immediate and future impact of the coronavirus epidemic on their personal finances, work and quality of life, there was general support for the work of Lamont and his administration to handle this crisis,” Lesley DeNardis, executive director of the Institute for Public Policy and director of Sacred Heart University said. “Most people surveyed felt the state wasn’t ready to deal with a crisis of this magnitude and moved too slowly regarding the closing of businesses, but overall confidence in the initial steps taken since the onset of the pandemic in Connecticut was high. 

"And not surprisingly, there is disagreement along party lines over the president’s handling of the pandemic and over trust in the media.”

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