Updated: Three Days Later, All Hartford, New Haven Area Elections Called

In a close race where votes were counted over three days, a winner has emerged for the Connecticut State Senate, 17th District seat.

Election Photo Credit: Pixabay/Palpini

In a tight race, on Wednesday, Nov. 4, challenger Jorge Cabrera, D, called himself the victor over incumbent Sen. George Logan, R, to represent this area of Connecticut.

On Thursday, Nov. 5, Logan called Cabrera to concede, according to Patch.

The following is a list of contested elections and their results from Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020 election. Incumbents have an asterisk * beside their names. Winners are in bold and italics.

The Daily Voice will have updates on the results of the contested races tonight (Nov. 3) as soon as winners are called.

STATE SENATE -----------------

6th District

*Sen. Gennaro Bizzaro, R - 44%, 16,055

Rick Lopes, D - 56%, 20,149

17th Senate District

*Sen. George Logan, R - 23,119 - 48%

Jorge Cabrera, D - 24,799 - 52%

STATE HOUSE ----------------

31st District

*Rep. Jill Barry, D - 53%, 8,231

Stewart “Chip” Beckett, R - 47%, 7,282

101st District

*Rep. Noreen Kokoruda, R - 45%, 6727

John-Michael Parker, D - 51%, 7,682

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