5 Greenwich HS Students Try To Enter School In Westchester, Leading To Security Concerns

School officials have provided an update on a group of males who tried to enter a high school in Westchester County before being denied entry.

Eastchester High School.

Eastchester High School.

Photo Credit: Google Maps street view

The update was given in regard to an incident on Friday, Jan. 20, when five unidentified males tried to enter Eastchester High School and were turned away by a security guard. 

In a statement sent to parents on Tuesday, Jan. 24, Eastchester Union Free School District Superintendent Ronald Valenti said that the five were identified as high school students in Fairfield County, all from Greenwich High School. 

One of the students had once attended Eastchester Middle School from 2019 to 2020 and had said he wished to visit old friends at the high school. 

Officials at Greenwich High School have since been told of the incident and have spoken with the five students about it. They are also considering disciplinary action, Valenti said. 

Police are also contacting the families of each student.

Valenti said that the incident proved the effectiveness of the school's security practices and that these efforts must be continued.

"First and foremost, our safety protocols of a single point of entry to each school, the requirement for Eastchester students to wear their ID cards at school, and the stationing of security guards on each campus works and must be continued," Valenti said.

He added that the district is considering adding signage on school properties to let any future trespassers know of potential prosecution.

"We at the Eastchester Union Free School District would like to thank our security team—as well as the officers of the Eastchester Police Department—for their deft handling of the situation and their continued efforts to keep our campuses safe," Valenti said.

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