Snow Way! Polar Vortex Could Bring Snow Back To Pennsylvania, Maryland

It might have felt like spring all week with warmer weather and rains, but snow is predicted to come back to the Mid-Atlantic region this weekend.

Polar vortex break up map

Polar vortex break up map

Photo Credit: AccuWeather

Temperature fluctuations will be bringing colder to mild days for the last week of March and the beginning of April, according to AccuWeather forecasters.

“Thanks to a developing atmospheric traffic jam near Greenland, the jet stream is about to get some sizable buckles in it,” AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok said.

Although the jet stream often marks where colder air lies to its north with milder air to its south, a polar vortex is effecting the typical weather patterns.

But thankfully it is "showing signs of weakening and splitting apart as well,” Pastelok said.

When a polar vortex weakens it sends the cold air further south which could bring rain, freezing rain, snow, or just a wintry mix of all of it to the Mid-Atlantic region this weekend.

In Pennsylvania, temperatures may fall below freezing, with strong wind gusts, and snow showers in the forecast for the weekend from the National Weather Service.

Snow showers with low visibility and high potential for freezing, are expected in western Maryland, with cold winds and rain expected throughout the state, according to the National Weather Service in the Baltimore region.

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