Young White Plains Singer Hits High Note

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- A White Plains singer/songwriter is confident her new single will strike a chord with the most judicious critics. 

J. Antonette of White Plains announces the release of "Lollipops & Daggers."

J. Antonette of White Plains announces the release of "Lollipops & Daggers."

Photo Credit: J.Antonette

She's not a newbie to the music industry. In fact, Jessica Antonette — or J.Antonette, as she's known behind the mic — has joined national tours of Grammy-winners such as Melissa Etheridge and others.

She's written songs for artists, television and film. She's on the road now to her own success, mainly focusing on the Oct. 1 release of her first debut album "Lollipops & Daggers." 

Her single "Let Me Love You" was released earlier this month.

"The album represents who I am as a person," Antonette told Daily Voice. "It's true to things I feel and what I've been through.

The record breaks the traditional release of an album because it doesn't focus on one single genre.

Each song is unique, but as a whole, the emotional-pop album contains influences of rock, hip-hop and R&B. It's raw and hard-hitting, yet fun with a mix of dark, emotional and tongue-in-cheek undertones.

Antonette's favorite song is "Let Me Love You," which the artist says is simply about just that.

"People sometimes make it difficult to love them when it's so simple," she said. "Just let me do it."

Antonette, whose a Whitesboro native, has been a White Plains resident since 2006.

Daily Voice caught up with the Berkeley College graduate for an in-depth look into her career.


"I toured as a background vocalist for Melissa Etheridge, Wonda Music and the Gary Douglas Band. I write music for TV and film, and also released a children's album into select Barnes & Noble locations. After years of writing music for other artists, I've decided to release my own record," she said.


"I actually never wanted to be in the spotlight. I always hid behind my writing. I had extreme stage fright, which is odd because I am so outgoing. I knew I wanted to be a writer from a very young age. As a child, I would write songs, poems and sing at family gatherings."


"I'm inspired by all different artists. I connect with all styles of music. I would say my top musical idols are Allison Krauss, Karen Carpenter, Queen and Melissa Etheridge.


"I love to entertain because it allows me to help make people smile, laugh and feel emotions. I love connecting with people. My record came about by accident. While writing on projects for TV and film, my producer asked me why I wasn't trying to be the artist since I was also a vocalist.

 I realized that it was because I was afraid. I was afraid to be vulnerable and afraid of judgment.

Since I realized what a challenge it would be, I decided to face my fears."

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