White Plains, It's National Chocolate Day

Fittingly scheduled three days before Halloween, National Chocolate Day is a holiday created by the National Confectioners Association in dedication to all things "chocotastic."

Today is National Chocolate Day.

Today is National Chocolate Day.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

According to, chocolate is America's favorite flavor. The earliest documented usage of the seed of the Theobroma cacao tree is about 1100 B.C. The bitter-tasting seeds must be fermented to develop its beloved flavor.

After fermentation, the beans are dried, cleaned roasted and de-shelled. The resulting cacao nibs are ground into cocoa mass, which is often liquefied then molded either with other ingredients or in a pure form. The resulting chocolate liquor is processed into cocoa butter and cocoa solids. 

The popular milk chocolate consists of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, sugar and either milk powder and condensed milk. White chocolate is cocoa butter combined with sugar and milk without cocoa solids.

Chocolate is a versatile treat, coming in milk, dark and white varieties, countless flavors and in bar, liquid and other forms. It can also be used in non-dessert products such as chocolate mole sauce. 

How do you like your chocolate? 

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