Talk About Sweet: It's National Candy Day, White Plains

Need an excuse to indulge in leftover Halloween candy? Celebrate National Candy Day on Wednesday. 

Wednesday is National Candy Day.
Wednesday is National Candy Day. Photo Credit: Flickr user

The term "candy" came into use in the 13th Century, deriving from the Persian word "Qand" and "Qandi."

Candy was originally made from honey, which was more readily available than sugar at the time. Candy was used to soothe upset stomachs and sore throats. It was largely an item limited to more affluent members of society, according to National Day Calendar.

Candy began making its way to the new world in the 18th Century, but didn't become readily affordable until sugar became more available and technological advances like the candy press and confectioners brought the cost of production down, National Day Calendar reported. 

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