Covid-19: There's No Link Between Vaccines, 'Sudden Deaths,' New Research Finds

Brand-new research says there's no link between COVID-19 vaccinations and "unexplained sudden deaths."



Photo Credit: Unsplash/Viktor Forgacs

The findings by the Indian Council of Medical Research also showed that the receipt of two doses of a vaccine lowered the odds of unexplained sudden death.

The study was conducted at 47 hospitals across India and involved apparently healthy individuals aged 18-45 years without any known co-morbidity, who suddenly died of unexplained causes from October 2021 to March 2023.

Researchers pointed to other factors for sudden deaths, including past hospitalization for COVID, a family history of sudden death, binge drinking 48 hours or less before death, use of recreational drugs and substances, and performing vigorous-intensity physical activity two days or less before death.

"COVID-19 vaccination did not increase the risk of unexplained sudden death among young adults in India," the researchers stated. "Past COVID-19 hospitalization, family history of sudden death, and certain lifestyle behaviors increased the likelihood of unexplained sudden death."

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