'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah' Latest To Make Mockery Of Cuomo Crises

Late-night host and comedian Trevor Noah tore into New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his latest show, musing that the governor is “the only person who wishes it was still 2020.”

More women accuse Governor Cuomo of sexual misconduct or harassment, Democratic politicians call on him to step down, Cuomo’s vaccine czar suggests ties between vaccine distribution and loyalty, and the governor still refuses to step down.

Photo Credit: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Noah, the host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, was the latest to call out Cuomo as he rebuffs calls to resign following multiple allegations of sexual harassment, inappropriate touching, and other scandals circling his administration.

“These accusations are some serious s---, from bullying, to a Mad Men office culture that encouraged women to wear dresses and heels,” he said. “It sounds like Cuomo basically thought of himself as a bouncer outside a nightclub

“Which is convenient for him, because that might be his job in a couple of months.”

In the segment (which can be viewed above in its entirety), Noah called out the governor for the sexual harassment claims, as well as the COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes that have become a go-to calling card for Cuomo’s critics.

“A few weeks ago, Cuomo was hit with sexual-harassment accusations from two former staffers But, much like coronavirus in New York nursing homes, the allegations have only been getting worse,” he joked.

Noah also took a jab at Cuomo’s now-infamous daily COVID-19 briefings that earned him an Emmy last year when the governor was still being lauded as an effective leader.

“And practically every day now, there are more and more accusations piling up,” he said. "It’s getting so bad that he’s going to have to bring back his PowerPoint slides just to track the harassment claims.

“I mean, just in the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard about him harassing staffers, journalists, wedding guests,” Noah joked. "It seems like no women in New York were safe from this guy.

“At some point, we’re gonna find out the Statue of Liberty only holds that torch so she can fend him off.”

During the segment, Noah made note that some of New York’s top Democratic leaders have joined the bulk of Republicans in calling for Cuomo to resign. Noah also brought up a recently shared photo of Cuomo, who was spotted covered in a blanket with a bottled beverage while talking on the phone.

“Yes, many Democrats say that Cuomo can no longer effectively lead New York, and photos like this one aren’t helping,” Noah said. "I mean, if you’re walking around outside wearing a blanket you don’t look like you’re on top of things. You look like you’ve either got saved from a drowning car or you live with 100 cats.”

When new sexual harassment claims were levied against Cuomo, the governor got on the defensive, saying that he was a victim of “cancel culture,” and that it was all playing politics, stating he was “not part of the political club.”

Noah took full advantage of that sound bite.

“That’s right,” Noah noted. “From the time he became governor 10 years ago, to his years as attorney general, back to when he worked in the Clinton administration, Andrew Cuomo has never been part of a political club — and if you disagree, you can drive out of New York on the bridge they named after his governor dad.

“I gotta be honest: If this is ‘cancel culture,’ well then, I have no idea what ‘cancel culture’ means anymore,” he continued. “I guess it’s about letting Dr. Seuss books be racist but also letting politicians get away with sexual harassment?”

Cuomo's brother, Chris, was also not spared. Noah theorized that the CNN host would change the name of his nightly show from "Cuomo Prime Time," to "It's Just, Chris, OK?"

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