New Black Bear Sighting Reported In East Fishkill

Is he smarter than an average bear?

There was a black bear sighting in East Fishkill.

There was a black bear sighting in East Fishkill.

Photo Credit: East Fishkill Police Department
A black bear.

A black bear.

Photo Credit: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Police in East Fishkill issued an alert on Thursday following several reports overnight of a black bear that was spotted going through trash cans and wandering in the Wiccopee area of town in the areas of Rainbow Crest and Appalachian West.

“Residents should be aware that this is the time of year when bears migrate from place to place looking for easy food sources,” police noted. “Keep garbage cans inside, remove bird feeders and outside pet food, and keep barbecue grills clean and free of grease, since all attract bears.”

Local residents have been advised to keep pets inside and to not allow them to confront a bear. Any bear sighting should be reported to police by calling (845) 221-2111 so the department can determine if the Department of Environmental Conservation needs to respond to the area.

According to the New York State DEC, if you encounter a bear:  

  • Never run from a bear- stay calm, speak in a loud and calm voice, slowly back away and leave the area;
  • Use noise to scare away bears from Your campsite- yell, clap, or bang pots immediately upon sighting a bear near your campsite;
  • Do not throw your backpack or food bag at an approaching bear;
  • From a safe distance, make loud noises by shouting or banging pots to scare the bear away;
  • Once the bear leaves, remove all attractants such as bird seed, garbage, and pet food;
  • Ask neighbors to remove attractants.

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