Blind Brook's Brian Becker Receives Acorda Scientific Excellence Award

RYE, N.Y. -- Blind Brook High School student Brian Becker recently received the Acorda Scientific Excellence Award for his research paper and unique scientific study.

Brian Becker.

Brian Becker.

Photo Credit: Contributed

As part of receiving the Acorda Scientific Excellence Award, he will be featured on WFAS 1230AM, where he will speak about his project.

For his project, Becker took aim at one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses and global climate change: vehicular emissions. The goal of his study was to determine the feasibility of creating a hybrid electric/gas vehicle using commercially available parts.

He first created a custom circuit that could allow the operator to switch between fully electric, fully gas powered, and combination modes.

Becker then purchased a motor, generator and other parts and affixed them to a custom body and his circuit, resulting in a functioning remote-controlled hybrid vehicle.

While he was able to build his scooter for $309, he found his process could be replicated on existing vehicles for $169, and substantially lowered through mass production efforts.

According to his research, approximately one-third of greenhouse emissions are associated with transportation, and retrofitting gas-powered vehicles with commercially available hybrid parts could help cut down on these emissions, especially in developing nations where scooters and other small internal combustion vehicles are prominent.

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