Letter: Choose A Good Book From Arcade Booksellers

RYE, N.Y. -- What a pleasant surprise to find a book store in Rye today at Arcade Booksellers, 15 Purchase St. 

<p>Arcade Booksellers is at 15 Purchase St. in Rye.</p>

Arcade Booksellers is at 15 Purchase St. in Rye.

Photo Credit: Carol Bloom Stevens

When the VCR was invented, we all thought movie theaters would become extinct, but they have not. Amazon just opened a (real) bookstore Nov. 3 in Seattle. 

So are we going back to the future? 

Arcade Booksellers is intimate and the salesperson, Alyson Powers, an English major, was both friendly and knowledgeable. One of her favorite things is to see kids get excited by books. She has been there for four and a half years, and sees it every day. 

The store has been at 15 Purchase St. for the last 23 years and across the street going back another 10 years. 

I noticed "Killing Reagan" among the bestsellers displayed at the store. Alyson told me that anything Bill O'Reilly writes, sells.

Carol Bloom Stevens

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