Pound Ridge Police Chief Issues Power Restoration Advisory To Residents

Pound Ridge residents still without power are being reminded to restock and refuel before the next storm hits and to stay informed.

Pound Ridge Police Chief Dave Ryanne.
Pound Ridge Police Chief Dave Ryanne. Photo Credit: File photo

With a good portion of the town still without power, Police Chief David Ryan is concerned that residents without power, or who just recovered have not replenished their batteries and supplies.

He's reminding all to take the following steps:

  • Remember to replace or charge batteries that were depleted during the past storm.
  • Replenish food supplies that were used or thrown away during the storm.
  • Plan ahead and have bulk containers of water and bottled water which are both still available at the Pound Ridge Town House.
  • If you have a generator, get it refilled with fuel Tuesday as the road conditions may not allow for delivery of fuel for the generator on Wednesday.
  • If you currently do not have power, we are working feverishly with NYSEG to get things up but clearly, there are residents with service issues that were pulled from their home. It is important to contact a licensed electrician to expedite those repairs and we can take advantage of NYSEG being in town in such quantity to help in that process.
  • Keep cell phones plugged in as often as possible to keep them fully charged in the event you lose power.

For those that need help or updated information, check the Pound Ridge Community Facebook page, the CodeRed Emergency Alert system and e-mail blasts. To be included in the e-mail chain, send your e-mail to Deputy Supervisor Alison Boak at

For other information and updates, call the Pound Ridge Police Department at (914) 764-4206. For emergencies, call 911.

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