POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – The Pound Ridge Town Board has approved three bonds totaling $610,000 for the purchase of the new equipment and other capital improvements throughout the town.

The board passed a resolution to authorize the issuance of a $350,000 bond, which will pay the cost of the reconstruction of the pool and pool house at Town Park, as well as other incidental improvements. The projects are in lieu of the construction of a new community center at the park – a project, which for now, has been shelved.

The board approved a second bond for $80,000 that will go toward the purchase of a new bus for the senior citizen Neighbor to Neighbor program and for a new police car. The period of probably usefulness for the bus is five years and three years for the police car. The police department lost a vehicle last year when a tree fell on it during the October snowstorm.

The third bond the board authorized is for $180,000 , which will pay the cost of the acquisition of a new loader for the town highway department. The bond states that the period of probable usefulness for the loader is 15 years.

Additionally, the board amended two existing bonds. A $1 million dollar bond that was approved April 27, 2007 to pay part of the $1.2 million costs of various site improvements at the highway garage and Sachs Park for drainage, recreational and other purposes, was amended to remove the restriction that had limited the maximum maturity to five years. A$800,000 bond that was approved on Oct. 8, 2009 that authorized to town to pay for the construction of sidewalks in the Scotts Corners business district also had the restriction removed that limited the maximum maturity to five years.

The full text of these bonds is available for public inspection at the town clerk’s office at the Town House at 179 Westchester Ave.


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