The 2013 Pound Ridge Election – My After Thoughts

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. -- There was a good chance Ali Boak could have won the election - not by an unopposed landslide but by a few votes from those Republicans who support the core values for which her party stands.

Dick Lyman wears the most recognizable mustache in Pound Ridge.
Dick Lyman wears the most recognizable mustache in Pound Ridge. Photo Credit: Laurance Baschkin

The reason I believe she lost has more to do with the ethics on behalf of her campaign staff with finger pointing, name calling and rumor spreading being just the start.

In lieu of the campaigning and stress that went along with it, I would have suggested that we should have considered a four-round winner takes all mud wrestling contest including re-naming rights for Scotts Corners. Billy and his crew could have provided catering and by charging $20 a head for attendance, the town would have easily collected the seed money needed for the much debated recreation center. The downside would have been one moderate Democrat not being happy with printing new business cards reflecting a change of location to a place called Dickville.

Does Supervisor-Elect Dick  Lyman have his share of flaws? Of course he does. If only he were to shave his mustache the economy would get a jump start in the form of a productivity boost at the Gillette factory line. He also has his share of personality traits. While he comes across as a blend of Wyatt Earp meets the Marlboro Man and through no fault of his own, he is after all a tall and slightly quirky guy who lives in a small but very quirky town.

I also commend Ali Boak who many already know has a good number of ideas to make our community a better place. But political substance requires political integrity and that is what was lacking on behalf of the PRDC. If they want to earn the trust of all the people, the PRDC needs to bring in new leadership and take a serious look as to how to go about addressing what is best for Pound Ridge.

Congratulations Supervisor-Elect Lyman. Have a safe weekend and be well, my friends.

Laurance Baschkin is a resident of Pound Ridge.

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