Puppy Love: New Study Determines NY's Favorite Dog Breed

Almost everyone loves dogs, but can you guess what the state of New York's favorite breed is? 

Golden retriever. 

Golden retriever. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay/Agata Nyga

If you need a hint, look no further: a new study by PetLab has officially determined that New York's favored breed is the Golden Retriever. 

To determine this, PetLab's pet nutrition experts used Google's Keyword Planner to look at more than 200 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club alongside search terms such as "buy" and "adopt." This allowed them to produce a ranking for each US state's most searched-for breed over the last 12 months. 

New York is certainly not alone in seemingly preferring Golden Retrievers, as 38 states in total were found to favor the breed, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania. 

According to PetLab, the breed is so popular because of its kind nature and ease of training. They are also popular among iconic celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Nick Jonas, Oprah Winfrey, and Jimmy Fallon. 

If you're wondering what other breeds came out on top, the study found that the second most popular breed in the country is the French Bulldog; the third most popular is the Bernese Mountain Dog; the fourth most popular is the Newfoundland; and the fifth most popular is the Dogo Argentino, an Argentine mastiff-type pup. 

"Whether people are looking to adopt, foster, buy, or just browse through cute pictures online of dogs, it is clear to see the US is obsessed with our furry friends," said a PetLab spokesperson, who continued, "It is interesting to see that the most popular breed across the country, the Golden Retriever, has popularity by a landslide with some of the most populated states opting for the charming breed." 

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