North Salem Wallaby Has Now Been Missing More Than A Year

NORTH SALEM, N.Y. -- It's been exactly a year since Daily Voice published its first story on a wallaby from North Salem that went missing.

Indy has now been missing for more than a year.
Indy has now been missing for more than a year. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Susan Saks

Indy, a 6-year-old wallaby, has been missing for more than a year and the Saks family, who took care of Indy, believe it is highly unlikely he'd be able to survive the winter.

"There's no food for him to eat," Susan Saks said. "When he was at our house, we tried not to let him out when it was below freezing. We feel badly. Everytime we get a call, we are excited and hopeful."

Saks said they last received a call three weeks ago about a possible sighting in Patterson in Putnam County.

"We haven't 100 percent given up on it," Saks said. "We're very saddened we didn't get him back. It just doesn't seem possible he'd survive."

Saks said she still would like people to keep their eyes open for Indy and that she appreciates the concern of the community.

"Every time we get a sighting we run out and spend two hours walking around the location," Saks said. "We're still miffed  as to why he left his yard and the immediate location. We miss him the way you would miss any lost pet."

Another wallaby is out of the question though.

"They are so hard to care for," Saks said. "We have to put hospital pads on every chair and couch. Who could live with that?"

The Saks said they tried to donate him to a zoo but were rebuffed since the zoos already had wallabys and Indy is neutered. 

"If we were to get him back, we would still try and place him in a setting where he could be free," Saks said. "We want him to be outside with other wallabys."

Indy has been a member of the Saks family for five years after their son rescued him from someone in upstate New York who took Indy to schools and kept him in a playpen.

Saks said Indy likes to eat roses and loves the outdoors. He also feeds on wheat thins, triskets, rice cakes and sweet potatoes. 

Anyone who has spotted Indy should call the Saks at914-669-0006 or  646-628-6228

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