When Bowling Works Up An Appetite, Quinnz Pinz Has The Answer

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. -- Engaging in any physical activity burns stored energy, which over time can lead to hunger. Bowling is no exception, and playing even a few casual games can work up quite an appetite. However, thanks to Quinnz Pinz in Middletown, enjoying a day at the lanes doesn’t need to mean leaving your taste buds at home.

Looking for a meal that's as great as the action? Quinnz Pinz has you covered.
Looking for a meal that's as great as the action? Quinnz Pinz has you covered. Photo Credit: Quinnz Pinz

At many bowling alleys, eating options remain rather limited. Classics such as pizza, burgers and wings are menu staples, but have earned a dubious reputation due to a lack of freshness and flavor. However, Quinnz Pinz is breaking the mold by offering innovative takes on classic dishes, and providing restaurant-quality food in an unbeatable venue. Here’s some of what has made their menu shine:

Local Ingredients

Quinnz Pinz uses local, organic Black Angus beef from Farmer’s Daughter in Otisville, N.Y. for all of their burgers, and shops for produce at local farmers markets. Not only does buying food locally support families in the area, it’s better for you and just tastes better.

Fresh Food

From spicy chicken wings to cheesy pizzas, all food served at Quinnz Pinz is made on site. This freshness adds an extra bonus for your taste buds, and you know each dish is tasty, hot and right out of the oven.

Outside Of The Box

While the menu at Quinnz Pinz includes alley classics such as wings, pizza and burgers, it also includes dishes that avoid the mundane. These include “Shareablez” such as Macho Nachoz and Tot-Chos, as well as a full offering of wraps, sandwiches and salads.

For those seeking the perfect place to enjoy time with family or friends, Quinnz Pinz offers both good eats and a great time. Click here to view out their complete menu, reserve a lane or browse upcoming events.

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