2 Buses Of Asylum Seekers Arrive At Newburgh Hotel Despite Promises By NYC Mayor

Two buses of asylum seekers arrived at a Hudson Valley hotel despite assurances from New York City Mayor Eric Adams that he would not send them.

The first bus of migrants arrived at the hotel.
The first bus of migrants arrived at the hotel. Photo Credit: Rene Mejia, Newburgh Community Organizer

The estimated 60 migrants arrived in Orange County at the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh at 10:30 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. on Thursday, May 11.

The arrival sparks a new fire in the ongoing battle between Orange and Rockland counties with Mayor Adams in connection with the arrival of migrants to the Hudson Valley for four months.

"Last night, both the state and city assured the Town of Newburgh and Orange County that no buses with asylum seekers would be here until further notice," said Orange County Supervisor Steven Neuhaus.

Both counties had instituted State of Emergencies and received restraining orders preventing Adams from moving migrants out of New York City to other areas.

Neuhaus says the blame lies with Adams, who originally opened the door for as many undocumented immigrants as possible to his self-proclaimed sanctuary city, and the Governor. 

"She (Gov. Kathy Hochul) has sat back and done nothing as this crisis has negatively impacted New York State," Neuhaus said.

The New York State Police, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the Supervisor of the Town of Newburgh, and his police department were not notified that these buses would be arriving today, Neuhaus said.

"We are not done fighting this and I will have an update on this matter later this afternoon, Neuhaus added.

When the migrants arrived, members of the grassroots organization For The Many, were on hand to welcome them and to offer their support, said Aaron Narraph Fernando, a spokesman for the organization.

"From what we understand they seemed afraid and scared from all of the media coverage,"  he added.

Narraph Fernando said what should have been a positive environment for the Hudson Valley's newest community members was " tarnished by fear-mongering rhetoric from Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus, who has spread misinformation, confusion, and anti-immigrant sentiments."

Rockland County Executive Ed Day who is also fighting to prevent asylum seekers from arriving in his county said the move by Adams was "blatantly lying and deceiving Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus of their intentions is exactly why we are taking the actions we are taking against this former officer’s clear disregard for our laws.

"Despite what he thinks, he is not above local and state law, nor State of Emergencies, and his actions this week speak volumes about his character," Day said.

Despite all of the rhetoric, Adams promised to pay for all costs associated with the migrants for four months. No one has said who will take over their care after that.

At the same time as the migrants were arriving in Orange County, the ACLU in New York City filed a federal lawsuit against Rockland and Orange counties for barring the arrival of migrants who chose to relocate from New York City.

“Orange and Rockland County’s Emergency Orders egregiously violate migrants’ rights," said Amy Belsher, director of Immigrants’ Rights Litigation at the New York Civil Liberties Union.

 “Migrants have every right to travel and reside anywhere in New York, free of xenophobic harassment and discrimination. People are not political pawns – both counties should welcome migrants into their communities, not unlawfully bar them from seeking refuge,” she added.

State Rep. Marc Molinaro, District 19, said: “New York City is circumventing state, county, and local law. Moving migrants to Upstate New York without resources, coordination, or approval from local communities is simply not humane, compassionate, or appropriate."

This continues to be a developing story. Check back to Daily Voice for updates. 

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