Video Of Party Gone Wild At College In Hudson Valley Sparks Concern

A video out of Marist College in Poughkeepsie has raised red flags for many as students can be seen at a raucous house party where there was limited social distancing or face coverings worn.

Video of students at Marist College violating COVID-19 mandates.
Video of students at Marist College violating COVID-19 mandates. Photo Credit: screenshot via @BarStoolMarist

Barstool Marist posted a video on social media that went viral over the weekend of a group of students flipping over a Toyota Camry at the party attended by more than two dozen people.

“Gotta get creative when doing at home workouts,” Barstool captioned the video with.

"The McCann gym may be closed but no days off,” a banner on the bottom of the video states, referring to the college's recreation center, which had been closed while the college was shut down temporarily due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

In the video, students can be heard shouting and screaming as a group not wearing masks flipped the car and proudly jumped atop it in celebration. The car appeared to have already sustained extensive damage before it was flipped, including a smashed windshield.

“The College has clear expectations regarding student behavior as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct,” a Marist spokesperson said, noting that the Office of Student Conduct will be handling an internal investigation regarding the students involved.

“We do not condone the destruction of property and are working with law enforcement to learn more about the particulars of the event in question.”

Parts of the Marist College campus were shut down on Thursday, March 18, after more than 125 active COVID-19 cases were confirmed in students and staff members, prompting hundreds more to be placed in quarantine.

During the pause, there were no in-person gatherings permitted outside of households, in-person dining was suspended, and no visitors or guests were allowed in any residence hall.

Sports were suspended during the pause, including weight room training, while residents of Marian Hall and Champagnat Hall were also placed in a precautionary quarantine and subjected to mandatory COVID-19 testing.

Marist’s COVID-19 alert level remains at “yellow.” The pause on classes ended this week on Monday, April 12, as classes resumed for the first time since mid-March.

As of Wednesday, April 14, the college was still monitoring 80 active COVID-19 cases, including 19 who are on-campus and quarantined.

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