Westchester Man Among Lucchese Family Members Sentenced For Murder, Racketeering

A soldier in the Lucchese crime family from the Hudson Valley will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted for his role in a 2013 murder.

Greenburgh resident Christopher Londonio will spend the rest of his life in prison.
Greenburgh resident Christopher Londonio will spend the rest of his life in prison. Photo Credit: Bronx DA

Christopher Londonio, of Hartsdale, and New York City residents Matthew Madonna and Terrence Caldwell, were sentenced this week to life in prison following their conviction for the 2013 murder of Michael Meldish, conspiracy to commit racketeering, and other felonies.

Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said that Madonna was the acting boss of the Lucchese Family of La Cosa Nostra, one of the “Five Families” that constitute the Mafia in New York at the time of the murder. 

In 2013, Madonna became displeased with Meldish, a longtime organized crime associate who had refused to collect debts owed to him, prompting Madonna to order a hit on him.

Acting under the orders of Madonna and a second underboss, Londonio helped set up Meldish, a personal friend, to be killed, and acted as the getaway driver for the murder. 

Caldwell carried out the orders to kill Meldish, Strauss said. 

Strauss said that Caldwell met Meldish and drove with him to a Bronx neighborhood to meet Londonio. As Meldish got out of his car, Caldwell shot him in the head, killing him instantly. Caldwell then fled with Londonio.

Madonna, 84, Londonio, 45, and Caldwell, 61, were also convicted of racketeering conspiracy. Londonio was also convicted of conspiracy to distribute narcotics, and Caldwell is facing multiple charges for ambushing a member of the rival Bonanno Family in Manhattan.

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