Leslie Morales Named Mamaroneck/Daily Voice Standout Student-Athlete

Leslie Morales has been selected as Mamaroneck High School/ Daily Voice Standout Student-Athlete this week.

Leslie Morales is this week's Mamaroneck High School/Daily Voice Standout Student-Athlete.
Leslie Morales is this week's Mamaroneck High School/Daily Voice Standout Student-Athlete. Photo Credit: Provided/Mamaroneck High School

Morales is a senior on the Tigers' varsity volleyball team.

Overview of accomplishments/achievements: 

According to her coach, Stacey Riter, Leslie has been a member of the varsity volleyball team for two years and was named a captain this season. As the team’s Libero, she never leaves the court and her work ethic and constant smile keeps the team motivated throughout each match. Leslie never shrinks from a challenge and consistently steps up as a leader and role model for her teammates. Off the court, she’s a member of the Women’s Ensemble – “In Treble” –and has opened volleyball matches singing the National Anthem. Leslie is a key member of the team, and more importantly, she is a wonderful person; just last week, she donated 10 inches of hair to "Locks of Love."

Q&A with Leslie:

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well I’m mostly doing school work or school-related things but i definitely like to be with my friends and going out to take a break from school. And honestly, I don't really stop playing volleyball (after the regular season) because I play club which is almost all year long. I also spend time listening to music because it a big part of my life and it's a good stress reliever.

Favorite restaurant in town?

My favorite restaurant in town is Red Plum. It's super nice and I would go out with friends to have a fun casual dinner and it's a great way to spend time with them and play the food is great!

Favorite subject in school?

Math because the teachers that I've had helped me so much and opened up a new door that I didn't even think I would open. I saw that class differently and I was more intrigued to this subject unlike the others I’ve been taking.

What are some reasons for your success?

I think of myself as a very competitive player and always striving to do better which is one of my reasons for success. I want to strengthen myself mentally and physically when playing this sport because it's not just about getting a point. It's about focusing and being able to move on from a mistake and getting ready in like less than two seconds to get a better pass or a better dig. My parents most definitely motivate me to always do my best and always put 110 percent out on the court even during a practice and they are definitely a big part of my success. Of course my coach plays a huge part of my success . . . because she is the one guiding me through it all, helping me strive to become a better player.

Biggest influences on your varsity career?

My biggest influence on my varsity career is my present coach, Coach Riter and my previous volleyball club coach, Coach Jackie. They helped me bring out the best in me and strengthened me to become a better player both physically and mentally. Even when times were tough or when one would be harsh on me, it would only make me stronger, to have a more positive outlook as what is going on.

Person you would most like to meet?

I would love to meet Adele any day. She is a crazy talented artist, and her music is so amazing. I can never get tired of hearing any of her songs.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

I want to master in education so I see myself being an elementary school teacher and have that cute little classroom with all these small tikes who would probably be as tall as me or taller. Probably doing something related to volleyball on the side because I know I just can't let go of that sport after the time I spent with it.

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