DV Decision: Second Debate Neglects To Persuade Voters

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. --  The second presidential debate, which has dominated the headlines since it ended Sunday night, did nothing to sway voters' minds, at least according to Daily Voice readers.

Tell us your thoughts in our DV Decision series.
Tell us your thoughts in our DV Decision series. Photo Credit: File

When asked if the town hall meeting, held Oct. 9, changed people's opinions of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump, 79 percent said: "No, it was more of the same." 

Twenty-one percent said the debate showed Hillary and Donald in a new light for them.

While the national press has been dissecting the event from the minute it went off the air, readers wrote to us with their opinions.

Said one: "America, wake up! This was not a Presidential debate as Mr. Trump was totally unable to discuss anything remotely resembling his policies on any given topic. It is a very sad testament to our beloved America that this could be the context of our future."

Yet another said she and her husband still plan to vote for Trump. "We have had enough of the same old, same old," she wrote. "Trump may have said all those things. Men always talk like that when they are together. Bantering about it. Trying to one up each other. Clinton is just another lawyer. We have enough of those."

Stay tuned for the next debate -- the last -- scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 19 in Las Vegas.

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