Letter To The Editor: Mamaroneck Ice Cream Shop Draws Ire

 With just a few days into summer the heat has turned up in the friendly Village of Mamaroneck. At an intersection of Boston Post Road, between two elementary schools, where a drunk driver once killed a girl is now Ralph's Italian Ices and Ice Cream. 

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A letter writer says this ice cream shop has divided resident in Mamaroneck.

A letter writer says this ice cream shop has divided resident in Mamaroneck.

Photo Credit: Ilissa Miller
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The former gas station, nestled between two elementary schools, seemingly converted overnight to an ice cream shop now has residents divided. 

The quiet residential neighborhood adjacent to this lot is in an uproar due to lack of attention to details such as parking, traffic control, cordial business hours (it's open until midnight), lack of garbage control and more. 

On the other side of town residents are snickering at this mayhem as they complain about their own neighbors, requesting services such as DPW and police presence. 

When another neighborhood across town has similar issues, without notice, it becomes easy to judge. This issue is at the core of the friendly Village. 

At the Village’s Board of Trustees meeting on June 27, the Mayor made efforts to hide behind the land use boards citing non-interference. When it was revealed during the meeting that this business never made it that far, the Mayor had no land use board to hide behind. Thus the excuses of non-interference appears to be moot but hiding behind your own administration is a lot harder to do - or is it? 

The real issue at play here is how did a food establishment be permitted to open an outdoor seasonal restaurant (comparable to Carvel in a nearby neighborhood)? 

How did the Village's building department allow this business to operate without providing surrounding residents proper notices and more? 

Residents of this Village have a right to cry foul. 

What I do know is elected officials who appoint and/or hire individuals to manage the Village are responsible to ensure that all individuals follow the proper process.

When an establishment like this bucks steps in the process and is granted a seemingly free ride, something's not right. 

Ilissa Miller

Mamaroneck, N.Y.

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