Larchmont Therapist Uses Dog To Help Reach Clients

LARCHMONT, N.Y. -- Dogs are described as man's best friend. They're also good at therapy too.

Colette Lopane and her therapy dog, Aurora.

Colette Lopane and her therapy dog, Aurora.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Lombardo

Colette Lopane of Larchmont-based New Day Vitality has been using her dog Aurora as a therapy dog in her sessions with clients.

"It allows them to let their guard down," Lopane, a New Rochelle native, said. "You can build trust and develop a rapport. It helps relieve any tension going into therapy."

Lopane said there has been research that shows dogs are a stress reliever and help lift someone's mood. Lopane primarily treats children and adolescents who are battling depression, anxiety, ADHD or an eating disorder.

"It's a wonderful thing to bring to my practice," Lopane said. "You get that rhythm of petting someone and feel that connection to the animal. It's been pretty awesome.

Aurora was given to Lopane as a gift, and she said the dog loves everybody and everything.

"She's very eccentric," Lopane said. "She lights up when she sees someone. My clients enjoy being around her."

Lopane said she has always been passionate about helping others.

"My job on this earth is to make a difference," Lopane said. "It's something I'm extremely passionate about."

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