Larchmont Mom Shares Healthy, Kid-Friendly Recipes On Blog

LARCHMONT, N.Y. -- Every mom knows that most kids will choose chicken nuggets over carrot sticks every time. 

Elaine Studdert and her children, Dylan, Liam and Matthew.
Elaine Studdert and her children, Dylan, Liam and Matthew. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Elaine Studdert

While chicken nuggets are certainly more delicious, they aren't nearly as healthy, which is why Elaine Studdert, a stay-at-home mom from Larchmont, launched a crusade in 2012 to come up with healthy recipes her kids would enjoy, and share them with the world via her blog.

Studdert, a former personal trainer, said she never thought about what went into food until she had children. Through blogging, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the ingredients that go into some processed foods. 

"Some of it is really scary, to be honest," she said. "I wanted to get great recipes out there, because I noticed all moms had the same problem. Everyone is trying to get away from chicken nuggets, but kids are picky eaters and no one has time to cook."

Two years and nearly 500 followers later, Studdert's blog, House of Bedlam, has helped her find her niche in the blogging world. 

Each week, Studdert takes on one recipe to feed her three young boys: Dylan, Liam and Matthew. The boys, ages five and six, review the dish at the end, and Studdert includes their input.

“It’s too hot, but really good," writes her son Dylan after sampling a "Cheesy Egg Oatmeal Muffin." 

As the months pass by, Studdert has seen changes in her children and their eating choices.

"They've eaten brussels sprouts, carrots, green beans," she said. "They love all the other stuff too, but now they have a bigger range. I wanted them to be healthy eaters from the start before they go off and make their own decisions with their own money, while I still have some control." 

Additionally, Studdert said other parents within the Mamaroneck and Larchmont communities have noticed her blog.

"Moms will share it with other moms they know. Everyone has been really supportive," she said. 

However, despite her healthy habits, Studdert believes taking too much control over a child's diet will only lead to destructive behaviors in the future.

"I don't want healthy food to be a punishment. As they get older, I feel more relaxed sending them into outside situations like birthday parties and things. They can have pizza and cake during those occasions. I'm a firm believer of everything in moderation," she said. 

Studdert added that she and her husband, Brian, have also changed up their habits in a healthy way.

"I never really cooked that much being single in Brooklyn, and when I got married, my husband and I would usually do take out. We always loved eating and being healthy, but I've definitely become a healthy eater and a better cook in the process," she said. 

Check out Elaine Studdert's blog, House of Bedlam, here.


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