Mixing It Up: Ex-Mamaroneck Shop Owner Creates Ultimate Bloody Mary

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. --  The time-tested Bloody Mary is a fixture of many a Sunday brunch. And now, thanks to a former Westchester shop owner, it has a new shelf life.

Greenwich resident Manuel Ferreira, the founder of Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary Mix
Greenwich resident Manuel Ferreira, the founder of Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary Mix Photo Credit: Submitted
Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary Mix can be found all over Fairfield County.
Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary Mix can be found all over Fairfield County. Photo Credit: Submitted

Manuel Ferreira, a longtime bartender who's worked all over the tristate (i.e.Columbus Park Trattoria in Manhattan and The Ginger Man in Greenwich), is the founder of Manny’s Ultimate Bloody Mary (UBM), which is sold throughout Fairfield County and, so far, is at Fjord Fisheries in Larchmont.

Ferreira came up with the product three years ago while chatting with a customer during a stint working at Val’s Putnam Wines & Liquors in Greenwich. She was planning a Super Bowl bash and asked for his assistance creating the perfect Bloody Mary. When he gave her some ideas, he came up with a thought of his own: Package it. 

According to Ferreira, a truly awesome Bloody Mary begins with eight ingredients -- premium tomato juice (usually from concentrate), premium horseradish, premium Worcestershire sauce (the lower the sodium the better), true Tabasco sauce (not a generic brand), celery salt, pepper, salt and lemon juice.

What makes his so unique are the proprietary high-quality items that have been carefully incorporated into its makeup. His horseradish, for example, is Connecticut-grown and freshly grated. His lemon juice is freshly squeezed. And the UBM mix contains imported Portuguese sea salt.

Also to be noted: Manny's UBM does not contain nut oils of vast quantity. It can is considered a low sodium and low gluten product.

"What Manny's UBM has done is allow the female pallet to take precedent -- as a woman's taste buds are somewhat more distinct," explained Ferreira.

"The idea of the 'flavor profile' in terms of cocktails has long overlooked this concept. It's the perfect blend of natural and familiar ingredients." 

Which is why he highly recommends it is served "as is."

"We like to call it the 'anytime/anywhere' Bloody Mary," said Ferreira. "And we always recommend the garnish be a slice of green pepper or any color pepper, a carrot stick or gorgonzola stuffed olives."

Because it's a fresh product, it should be refrigerated and shaken well before serving.  

Obviously, vodka may be added. Ferreira suggests a “medium bodied” vodka, ideally one distilled three to five times, so as to not overpower UVM's flavors. He even suggests thinking outside the box and mixing UVM with tequila, pisco, mescal, whiskey or sake.

The product has been on the shelves since spring 2014 and Ferreira, who knows the gourmet business from owning Chaves, a Portuguese specialty store in Mamaroneck (now closed), has built a loyal following. His ultimate goal is to go national and add line extensions such as a natural agave-based margarita mix, rim seasonings, and so on.

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