Police Investigate Mail Disappearance

LEWISBORO, N.Y. – Lewisboro police investigated the disappearance of some mail from a mailbox of a Lakeside Drive residence in South Salem last week.

Police were called to the home on Monday, July 25. The homeowner told officers that she had place four letters in her mailbox on July 18 for pickup. When she retrieved her mail later that day, she noted that the letters were gone and assumed they were taken by the mail carrier. The following day, she went to retrieve her mail and discovered that three of the four letters she had placed in the mailbox the day before were back and were wet and ripped. She found the fourth letter inside her screen door wet and crumpled.

The resident told police she had gone to the post office to inform them of the incident and they referred her to the police department to file a report.

There are currently no suspects, but an investigation is underway.

In other blotter news:


Police responded to an East Street residence in South Salem for the report of a missing child. The person at the residence told police that she and a neighbor had searched the house and yard for the child. A few moments after officers had arrived; the boy’s father arrived with the child in the car. The person who filed the report did not realize that father had taken the child with him.


Police were dispatched to Tommys Lane in South Salem for the report of a possible rabid raccoon. Officers found the animal on the outside of a backyard fence and noted that it did appear to be rabid. The animal made its way to the front of the house. Officers were unable to dispatch the animal due to its close proximity to the house. The raccoon made its way to a nearby wooded area. Police attempted to kill the animal with a shotgun but were unable to do so. Another officer arrived and was able to get closer and was able to put down the raccoon.

Police were called to a residence on North Salem Road on a criminal mischief complaint. Police were informed by the resident that his mailbox had been knocked down. The resident explained to officers that he had gone to the post office and spoke to an employee who told him that the mailbox had been knocked down and that it had been too close to the Waccabuc Land Trust property. The postal employee would not reveal the caller’s name. The resident told officers that the post office had moved the mailbox to that area 18 months ago. Police were unable to interview the postal employee because the post office was closed.

Police were summoned to Hall Avenue for a dog complaint. The resident said a neighbor was walking his dog off leash in from of her home when the dog came down the driveway to the backyard area where her dog was contained by an invisible fence. The two dogs started fighting and when the homeowner got between them, she was bitten by her own dog. The dog control officer was contacted and advised of the incident.


Police were dispatched to a Holly Hill Road residence in Katonah on a burglary call. Police noticed that the right-side glass of the front door was shattered. The inner glass of the door was not damaged. Police saw no indication of a deliberate attempt to break into the house. The impact point on the glass was not consistent with a rock or other projectile. It appeared more likely at a bird had hit the glass. Using a code key provided by the homeowner, police enter the home but found no signs of criminal activity.

While on Wild Oaks Road, police were flagged down by an area resident who showed them a Verizon pit cover that was not secured. The plastic cover was about 3-by-4-feet in size and not heavy. The cover was supposed to be secured over a pit that contains Verizon equipment. The pit is of an unknown depth and partially filled with water, which created a hazard condition as someone could fall through and drown. Police notified Verizon who informed them the situation would be remedied Monday, July 31.

Police assisted Vista Fire Department ambulance at a Smith Ridge Road residence. A 15-year-old male hit his head on the side of the backyard pool. He was taken to Norwalk Hospital.


Police were called to the Old Salem Market on Spring Street for a larceny complaint. The person who called in the complaint told officers that he is renovating the market and that he is the new owner. He told police he put a three-bay stainless steel sink with copper plumbing at the bottom outside of the building and that the sink was missing when he came to work. Police canvassed the area for witnesses, but were unsuccessful. There are no surveillance cameras in the area.



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