Lewisboro: We Cry Together

Below is a letter received by local resident Dana Ramos about the recent tragedy in our community.


We are a small community.  We like it that way.  

There is only one public middle and junior high school here in Lewisboro, so we all root for the same teams. 

We’re perched at the top of the densely populated, mostly urban Westchester County, host to well-known towns like Scarsdale, White Plains and Yonkers.  But most of them down there have never heard of our little hamlets.  Ask them if they know of Waccabuc.  Pound Ridge?  Vista?

That’s okay – we like it that way, too.  We like knowing where our kids are playing.  Knowing the town park is safe.  The local police will sometimes – sometimes – let you out of getting a speeding ticket; send you off with a little lecture. 

They’ll use your name.

We like to argue our community politics as if a vote one way or the other could change the rest of the world.  Because this is our world.

When something happens we hear about it pretty soon.  If you don’t hear it from a neighbor in DeCicco’s, your kids will tell you when they get home.   Little drops of gossip and scandal feel so big here, because don’t have a whole lot going on other than little things.  Petty little things.  And we like it that way.

Big things, horrible things, awful and tragic things – they don’t happen here.

They happen in big, horrible places. We see them on CNN.

Not here … until this week, when the hamlet of Cross River became news all over Westchester and beyond. 

Our community grew even smaller this week; we felt it constrict in the grip of something unfathomably horrible.

What now?  How do we inhale after our breath has been wrenched away?

We reach out and console each other and those whose lives have been directly shattered by this horrific event.

We cry together. 

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