Lake Purdys: All-Seasons Oasis

SOMERS, N.Y. - Nancy Joyce has lived at Lake Purdys for the last 15 years and calls it, “the best place on earth to raise children. We think of it as ‘Mayberry.’” Her husband, Brian, added, “Once you live here you never want to leave. You’d rather die here.”

The enclave, tucked away just west of 684 and south of 116, comprises two or three hundred family homes, but only about 75 families belong to the Property Owners Association

The development began during the depression years as a summer community. Eventually a small man-made lake was created and, in 1936, a clubhouse was built.

Today it is a local utopia. Thanks to a water-filtering pump and a school of carp who obligingly eat up detritus and insects, the lake is clean and inviting. It is available for swimming and boating in the summer, skating in the winter, and fishing all year round. Traffic is sparse. People get around in golf-carts.

The association sponsors Friday night pot-luck dinners, outdoor movies, campouts, and other community functions. In wintertime, there is a huge fire pit, where hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows are served up.

Membership is open to everyone. The fee for non-residents is $305. The clubhouse can be rented for private parties. The fee is $275. 

Somers resident Adam Stone joined the association last year. “It’s a great place to go at the end of the day,” he said. “I come off the train and meet my wife and son here. What a way to unwind!”

Susan Etu, a 7-year Lake Purdys resident, noted that, “we never need to plan play dates for our kids. There's always someone around.” Her 9-year-old daughter, Fiona, loves Lake Purdys because, “there’s a lot of nature and it’s quiet and there’s nobody telling you what to do.”

Eleven-year-old Rylan Etu added that he “loves to fish. But we throw the fish back in.”

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