Eastchester Principal Gives Message About The 100th Day Of School

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. -- The following is a letter by Dr. Jeffrey Melendez, Principal of The Waverly School in Eastchester: 

Principal of Waverly School gives a message about the 100th day of school.

Principal of Waverly School gives a message about the 100th day of school.

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Dear Parents: 

Although I am sure everyone is looking forward to the well desreved recess, it is also my pleasure to inform you that today is our 100th day of school. 

For our students and staff, this waypoint is particularly exciting because it opens the door to connect numeracy with many other academic concepts. 

On the 100th day, teachers will facilitate activities and discussions which require students to count, read, find and move in (literally) a hundred different ways. 

Here are just a few examples of how learning transpires around this very predictable, yet monumental event: Students will read books about the 100th day of school and the concept of 100, learn a poem about 100 days in kindergarten, play math games and conduct investigations into the number 100, create a class book about the 100th day of school and make and wear necklaces and headbands with 100 items.

Students will also count out 100 objects in groups of 10, count by tens to 100 to complete a dot-to-dot picture, identify and locate numbers in a number puzzle to find out the hidden number (which is 100), locate the number 100 and highlight it in a poem, try to dribble a ball, jump over a rope, toss and catch, shoot a basket, kick a soccer ball, and hula hoop 100 times, see how far 100 steps can take them and create elaborate dioramas of 100 items. 

With all this great learning, many teachers even go so far as to hold 100th day “Museum Walks” or “100th Day Parades” which allow students to see the amazing things their contemporaries have created and will adorn the walls of our hallways. 

As always, our staff gives 100 percent, making the 100th day at Waverly a real spectacle.


Jeffrey Melendez

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