Letter: Subway Shop Will Change The Face Of Tuckahoe

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To the editor:

You may have heard by now that the Tuckahoe Zoning Board will be hearing an application by the national chain, Subway sandwich shop, to locate at 73 Main St.(at Fairview Avenue). They are seeking variances for parking -- reducing the required four spots to two spots. They claim they will be dependent on foot traffic and not vehicle traffic, and be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Zoning Board meeting will be held Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m., in the Village Hall courtroom. Village Hall is at 65 Main St. 

As you may also know, in 2013, the Town of Eastchester passed an amendment to their zoning code that prohibits what they called "fast/casual" food shops. Their reasoning was that such shops threatened the economic viability of the already-established local shops and "cheapened" the look of the business area.

Subway claims they will rely primarily on foot traffic, so they do not envision a significant increase in vehicle traffic. Recent traffic studies from other projects -- Springfield Suites, Glenmark/Mack-Cali -- have indicated that as many as 45,000 vehicles per week pass along Tuckahoe's Main Street corridor per week.

Subway has even been told that their application will certainly be approved -- if you don’t believe me, visit their website you will see it says that a Tuckahoe location will be "opening soon." Why are they so sure? This application is not a "win-win" as is often expressed by some members of the Tuckahoe Zoning Board.

Allowing Subway into our village will allow the Springfield Suites hotel parcel that is set aside for a restaurant (north side of Phoenix Fitness) to rent/ sell to another national chain.

If you feel similarly and are as concerned as I am attend the zoning board meeting on Wednesday when the zoning board is expected to vote on the Subway application.

Albert Stern,

Tuckahoe resident

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