Chappaqua Native Releases Novel Set Against Backdrop Of Long Island Sound

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. --- Diane Saxton, a journalist who has written for Vanity Fair UK, The Huffington Post, and more, has released her first novel, "Peregrine Island," available as of Tuesday, August 2.  

Chappaqua native Diane Saxton.
Chappaqua native Diane Saxton. Photo Credit: Submitted
Chappaqua native Diane Saxton is the author of "Peregrine Island."
Chappaqua native Diane Saxton is the author of "Peregrine Island." Photo Credit: Submitted

The book, set against the backdrop of a fictional island off Greenwich, Conn., tells the story of three generations of women who have inherited a painting that they believe was painted by famed artist Simon Crandor. Winter Peregrine, who lives on a private island on the Long Island Sound with her fickle daughter, Elsie, and her tenderhearted granddaughter, Peda, have their quiet lives turned upside down when two art “experts” show up to appraise their beloved family heirloom.

The painting is one of the few privately held Crandors, and the two experts – along with Crandor’s debonair grandson, Hamlet – want to determine the piece’s authenticity. But when they pull the painting from its frame, they find more than they bargained for – hidden documents and additional paintings, possibly by Crandor. Who put them there and why? And who stands to gain and lose from the discovery of these stunning treasures? 

Said the author, a Chappaqua native who now splits her time between the Berkshires and Manhattan: "What you see, or think you see on Peregrine Island, is seldom what it seems."

And she's not done with being inspired by the tristate area. Right now, she's finishing a multi-generational historical novel which takes place in Westchester, mainly in Tarrytown.

Saxton will be doing a book signing at Elm Street Books in New Canaan on Saturday, August 27 from noon to 2:30 pm. 

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