Bronxville Schools To See More Technology In Classrooms

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. – As the world becomes increasingly digitized and computerized, Bronxville Superintendent of Schools David Quattrone has laid out an initiative to keep his students ahead of the curve.

BOCES consultant John Krouskoff is helping the Bronxville School District transition its technology initiative.

BOCES consultant John Krouskoff is helping the Bronxville School District transition its technology initiative.

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The technology initiative will see the district begin to transition away from the more traditional “labs” structure, which saw devices clustered in one area, and instead would make technology more accessible in the classroom.

Quattrone’s plan includes expanding the infrastructure, providing students with a myriad of devices and training to learn how to use technology as a learning tool. He said that the lab approach limits the access and separates technology from the material being presented in lessons.

John Krouskoff, a consultant with BOCES who has been meeting with faculty members and administrators since February, made a presentation to the school board about “Digital Tools to Support Student Learning.”

In his presentation, Krouskoff recommended that the district needs to stay up-to-date with technology improvements. He recommended that the district enter a “three-year replacement cycle” for Google Chromebooks, which will allow students access to technology in the classroom, as well as digital textbooks.

Quattrone noted that the district plans to have complete wireless access in classrooms by the beginning of the next academic year.

Moving forward, Krouskoff recommended that the district “develop a cohort of Google Educators, allocate resources to encourage teacher modeling of ‘anytime-anywhere’ learning, develop lessons that revolve around the use of technology and establish teacher-centered professional learning communities.”

The technology initiative is expected to be a fluid one that will see the district adapt and evolve as the available devices and materials improve with the passage of time.

“The faculty and students are eager to bring the hardware and software into the school that are readily available in the outside world,” he said. “Whatever we do now will undoubtedly change with experience and innovation.”

One problem that has arisen with the initiative is data protection. The district will have to carefully navigate local, state and federal laws protecting student’s privacy, something Quattrone noted are “concerns that warrant careful monitoring as we move forward.”

The Bronxville School District’s technology initiative is only in its beginning phases, though Quattrone said more than 40 people have already volunteered to undergo training to become Google certified teacher. Krouskoff will continue to work with the district through next year.

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