Can You Guess Where This Is In Briarcliff Manor?

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. — We have a challenge for sharp-eyed readers who think they know Briarcliff Manor. Can you tell us where this photo was taken?

Each Saturday, we'll post a photo of an architectural feature or object found somewhere in Briarcliff Manor. It's up to you to figure out the name of the building, street or landmark where we took the photo. Points will be awarded to the first person who correctly gives the photo's location. We'll keep a list of our attentive readers.

Congratulations to sueshark2000, who correctly identified last week's photo of the courtroom in the municipal building on Pleasantville Road.

Here is the clue for this week's photo: The owner praises this as boasting "true luxury lifestyle."

Tell us: Where is this located? If you know, brag about it on The Briarcliff Daily Voice's Facebook page or write it in the comments section below. The first person to answer correctly will be awarded five points, with subsequent correct guessers receiving one point.

Remember, only guesses on our Facebook page or in the comments section of this story will count toward the rankings. If you are on Facebook and have a different user name for The Briarcliff Daily Voice, let us know so we don't put you down twice.

The new rankings:

First Place: Tim Birch – 12 points

Second Place: sueshark2000 – 10 points

Third Place: Dawn Lennon Lebenson – 6 points

Tied for Fourth Place: Suzanne Dweck Wexler – 5 points; wendy10510 – 5 points; Merrie Satran – 5 points; Londa Wilson – 5 points; wildforpsu - 5 points

Tied for Fifth Place: Megan Landers – 1 point; Carolyn Linett – 1 point; Wendy D'Andrea Phillips – 1 point; Maureen Eurell – 1 point; Merrienotmary – 1 point

Next week we'll post a new "Guess Where" photo and the answer to this week's challenge.

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