Letter To The Editor: Ed Reder Should Resign

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On October 25th, the District reported inflated test results for MKES’s 3rd grade dual language participants. So why were glaring flaws not ferreted out by the Board’s Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (“CIA”) Sub-Committee Chair? Not once did Chairman Ed Reder challenge any piece of data reported let alone ask a single probing question. Instead, Mr. Reder, a Mt. Kisco resident and outspoken dual language advocate, appeared almost giddy upon hearing the results.

Even when a community member identified errors, Mr. Reder was dismissive and appeared angry at the very suggestion that something like this had happened. But it did, despite his repeated assurances to the contrary. These glaring inaccuracies conveniently slipped right under Mr. Reder’s nose and fortuitously, fit the narrative he’s been promulgating all along.

What’s troubling is how Mr. Reder negated his fiduciary responsibility, not to mention his blatant disregard for his sworn duty to represent all District communities. To the contrary, Ed has evolved into a political puppet for Mount Kisco, taking advantage of his position like the proverbial fox guarding the hen house while risking the quality of our kids’ education.

All aspects concerning dual language and assessment tests are the purview of the CIA Sub-Committee and therefore Chairman Reder. Faced with a choice between embracing self-serving test results or performing even an iota of due diligence, Ed Reder opted to turn a blind eye and unwittingly embarrassed the District in the process. Thus, I ask the community to demand that Ed Reder immediately resign from the BOE due to discernible conflicts of interest, flagrant breaches of public trust and hostile behavior unbecoming a board member, witnessed by me and others, including off camera temper-tantrums, intimidating fist pounding and inexplicable verbal tirades unleashed on unsuspecting board members.

Michael Solomon

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