Concerned parents don’t want ‘little kids crossing big streets’ in Teaneck

MEETING TONIGHT: Parents concerned over little kids crossing big streets get their say tonight in Teaneck over a plan to consolidate bus stops for private school students and eliminate busing for public school pupils grades 1 through 4 who lives less than two miles away.

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Elie Katz

“Let protect our children and prevent the establishment of large bus hubs that will result in hazardous traffic conditions and crowds of students waiting for buses along residential streets,” Teaneck Councilman Elie Y. Katz said this afternoon.

The special Board of Education meeting is set for 8 p.m. at the Cheryl Miller Porter Student Center at Teaneck High School.

“There could be over 15 kids at your corner waiting for several buses at 6:30 a.m.,” Katz said. “There could be 15 cars lined up at your corner waiting for buses at 6:30 a.m. There could be over 100 kids at Lowell, TJ, BF and Whittier Schools and surrounding homes at 6:30 a.m, with many buses coming in and out.”

District plans call for eliminating courtesy busing for the lower-grade students and consolidation for their private counterparts.

Why? Under state law, districts that bus public school students must do the same for those who attend private facilities within 20 miles of their homes.

The catch: Cross River Bank in Teaneck has offered to cover the $85,000 that district officials said they’d save through the move.

Just last night, several hundred parents expressed outrage over the plan during a separate meeting from tonight’s School Board session.

Ironically, Katz said, the change could end up costing Teaneck instead of saving if more crossing guards must be hired or police officers be required.

“Our concern is for the safety of all Teaneck children and residents,” he said. “We ask the Board of Education members to reconsider this move, particularly in light of new state aid they have received, the decision by the new charter school to postpone classes for at least another year and the large private donation from Cross River Bank.”

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