Waldwick Resident Segues From Finances To Acting

WALDWICK, N.J. -- An ad on Craigslist changed the career direction for Waldwick resident Scott Churchson.

Waldwick resident Scott Churchson on "America's Got Talent."
Waldwick resident Scott Churchson on "America's Got Talent." Photo Credit: Submitted

A former financial advisor, Churchson is now a full time actor, stunt person and body double.

He said he was tired of working 70+ hour weeks, with 25,000 miles a year on his car and "a ton of stress selling on commission every week."

"When I finally decided to walk away from the financial world while job hunting I stumbled onto an ad on Craigslist to do extra work in TV. I always had an interest in acting/entertainment so I decided to take a run at it. Five years later, I'm still working, with 2015 being my best year yet," he said.

Among some of his "coolest gigs," were working on "Dark Knight Rises," where he was a cop in the final fight scene, and on "America's Got Talent," in 2015 where he showed off his skills as a hand/face contortionist. "My goal was just to get on the show, not to really advance and I definitely wasn't expecting to win anything," he said. "But just being on the show, hanging with Nick Cannon, having the AGT Twitter page tweet about me was also incredible. I'm really grateful."

Since last June he's been a body double (otherwise known as a stand-in) for the actor Donal Logue on the Fox show, "Gotham." That means, while the actor is getting into wardrobe, going over lines, etc they use Churchson to set up cameras, lights, etc., to save time. "It''s a blast hanging with the cast, being on the set and seeing all the action happening behind the scenes," he said.

In between all that he has worked with both the Northeast Film Festival in Teaneck and the Hoboken International Film Festival in Middletown, N.Y 

Said Churchson: "I've kept myself busy, but with so much less stress than my days in finance." 

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