Glen Rock Councilwoman Facing Backlash After Sharing Controversial Meme To Instagram

A Glen Rock councilwoman is facing backlash after sharing a controversial meme to Instagram.

Paula Gilligan 

Paula Gilligan 

Photo Credit: Paula Gilligan Facebook photo

Paula Gilligan last week shared the colorful meme that reads: "Easter eggs are aborted chicken babies that are painted in drag for small children to worship."

Gilligan issued an apology on social media saying the meme "takes aim at the absurdity of personhood' laws."

Residents shared their thoughts in the comment section of the post.

"The meme you posted does not 'take aim' at legislation," one resident shot back at the apology. "It blatantly mocks those who hold religious beliefs, specifically Christians in this case. Your intention was quite clear...and it was hateful."

"Your statement suggests that those of us who were offended should not have been," another said.

"I see no apology here. I see no legitimate explanation for your post. I only see an attempt to deflect by claiming offense was not intended. It was, however, achieved nonetheless."

Glen Rock's all-female council posted a statement to social media in response to the incident:

"As we have stated on many occasions before, we believe strongly that Glen Rock should be an inclusive community that celebrates and honors everyone’s religious beliefs and traditions," the council said. 

"This includes Christianity as well as all of the other religions represented in town. We call on all Glen Rockers to support and respect each other, and as your elected officials, we continue to strive to be examples of that support and respect."

Gilligan had not responded to Daily Voice's request for comment as of press time.

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