Pilates Fuels Passion For Bergen County Mom's New Business

Dana Tycher-Reisman has tried nearly every type of workout under the sun.

Dana Tycher-Reisman is opening Pilates Boutique by DTR.

Dana Tycher-Reisman is opening Pilates Boutique by DTR.

Photo Credit: Lauren Aurigemma

She found fitness in college and attended classes regularly, but couldn't quite achieve the results she'd been looking for until well into her adult years.

Particularly, when she found pilates. She loved it so much that she became a certified instructor, and now, is days away from opening her own studio, Pilates Boutique by DTR at 633 Wyckoff Ave., in Wyckoff.

The mom of two from Franklin Lakes, 37, is hoping to show others the same joy that pilates has brought to her.

Tycher-Reisman was living above a Flywheel studio during her college years at the Parsons School of Design in New York when she first found the magic of fitness. She fit classes in whenever she could.

Her problems outside of the studio melted away as she pedaled, getting lost in the music, knocking out one block of work after another, and another.

"I took a class in the morning and at night," she said. "And in between classes and school work."

After college, Tycher-Reisman had started a career working as a personal shopper and stylist. She remained dedicated to her fitness goals, dabbling in a wide array of styles.

"I tried so many workouts," she said. "But because of my body type, I felt the workouts either made be bulky, or gain weight instead of lose weight. I wasn't achieving the goal I wanted."

Pilates was different, though. It was unlike any other workout she'd tried, and she was hooked. It was exactly what she had been looking for.

"Fitness can be addicting and... this was like an escape. I was so obsessed with pilates. I'd do it for hours a day then style people and personal shop."

After the birth of her second daughter, in 2019, Tycher-Reisman threw herself even more into pilates, studying the endless possibilities both on the reformer and on the mat. 

Just before the pandemic, with two youngsters at home, Tycher-Reisman knew she needed to make a change in her professional life.

"I decided I wanted to try to merge fashion and fitness," she said, "and I had to decide what it was going to be."

Naturally, she let her love of fitness and the desire to own a brick-and-mortar shop fuel her. Tycher-Reisman got certified in Peak Pilates and began offering classes at a studio in Ridgewood.

"It's clarity for me," she said. "I go into almost like a trance, you feel as if you're floating. I feel very like, 'If I can tackle this reformer — this intimidating piece of equipment — then I can tackle the world."

What she loves most are the "thousands" of possibilities between the reformer and the mat. Sometimes, a combination of both.

And now, being the one teaching, Tycher-Reisman says she gets more out of pilates than ever.

"Even if it's just 30 minutes a day, it feels like I'm escaping," Tycher-Reisman said. "Not having to think about anything other than being here, being present, knowing I'll feel great afterwards."

Pilates Boutique by DTR will offer private sessions, group classes, studio buyouts, 30-minute quickies, and more. 

Tycher-Reisman is looking for both clients and instructors. Anyone interested can email the studio at

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