Happy Birthday To Lodi's Eerie Von

LODI, N.J. -- Happy Birthday to Lodi’s Eerie Von!

Eerie Von
Eerie Von Photo Credit: Facebook

Von, born Eric Stellman, turned 51 on Tuesday.

He was born on Aug. 25, 1964,  and grew up in Lodi, and is best known as the original bassist for the metal band Danzig.

He began using the nickname Eerie when he was a student at Lodi High School.

Von, who grew up listening to Elvis Presley, started playing drums and taking lessons at the age of 8. He went to high school with future Misfits guitarist Doyle, who introduced him to their punk rock style of music.

Von met Glenn Danzig after he developed an interest in photography and became the Misfits' photographer.  When the band broke up, he and Danzig began rehearsing together and formed Samhain, with Von as the original drummer. He quickly switched to the bass, and plays a Fender Jazz.

Von now works as a solo musician, and has released the albums "Uneasy Listening" (1996), "The Blood and the Body" (1999), "Bad Dream No. 13" (2004) and "That’s All There Is" (2006). "Kinda Country," a “dark country-style” album, was released in 2009.

He published "Misery Obscura," a book of photographs, and has found success with what he terms “Fiend Art.” He has been the co-host of a weekly radio broadcast, "Under the Gun" with Candy Gunn; is planning to release a new book and documentary, both called "Misery Perfectum"; and is working now on a sixth solo album. 

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